Herbal Detox tea

The Health Tonic That Everyone Needs

Be under no illusion these folks are just killjoys! The Diet Guru’s that want you to eat a sparse fare, the Nutrition Expert that recommends basic rations and the Colonic Professor who wants you to flush your gut with a coffee enema are all missing the point. We don’t need telling off for having fun. […]

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Indulge Hangover Prevention

Most alcoholic drinks also contain congeners, a chemical by-product of the fermentation and ageing process. They include toxic substances such as amines, amides, acetones, methanol, histamines and tannins. Indulge gives your liver the ability to process and deal with these toxins easily. While metabolising alcohol, your liver is unable to convert glycogen into glucose. This […]

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Sanct Bernhard Chlorella Capsules

If you worry that you don’t get enough green veg in your diet, read on… Discover the Ultimate SUPER GREENS that Could Help Slow and Reverse Many Signs of Ageing   ✔ Healthier bones, muscles and nervous system ✔ Remove toxins and unwanted fat ✔ Stronger vision, sharper brain and younger looking skin ✔ Lower […]

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