After launching the Good Life letter in 2005 I discovered that many of the products available on the high street and in supermarkets weren’t as good for you as you might think.

Foods presented as ‘healthy’ were often over processed and useless as aids to living better, and many supplements were so far from the original vitamin they are supposed to replace that your body only absorbs a tiny percent of the stated amount.

I’ve made it my task to find products that are as close to the natural stats as possible and you can find out all about them here.

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Thank you for yet another informative letter. I love the way you present these excellent nuggets in bite-size pieces with a twist of humour – very useful tool for getting a message across. Although I frequently read your missive and think “Yep, knew that” I also have lots of “Oooh, well I never” moments. Excellent. – C.W

I find your e-mails sometimes very, very, very funny, but always interesting – D.T

Love reading your anecdotes and interesting health news, feel that you and your family are like the friends next door, and you make me laugh! I love your style of writing and good humour. Keep up the good work! – M.D

It’s refreshing to see that commonsense is not dead after all. V.G

I thought it would be another of the ‘buy this buy that’ advertising newsletters that are the ‘norm’ but I was so wrong. Your letters are refreshingly easy to read and feel like you are a real person (which you are of course doh!) but you are down to earth and give information that can be used and is easy for the normal everyday person to access the things you suggest. L.P

I read all your letters, they make me feel good, they give me a boost instead of feeling stuck in the mud L.M.