Why this Rare High-Altitude Tea from
Africa Is Even Healthier than Japanese
Green Matcha…

Rare High-Altitude Tea from Africa

Discover how this unique high quality tea can become your simple daily health routine

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On the high fertile slopes of Mount Kenya grows a unique form of tea.

At an altitude of 2,000 feet, there are no pests, so no chemicals are sprayed on the plants.

And this high altitude along with the special blend of minerals in the soil, give it an especially high antioxidant level.... the highest levels recorded in any tea, in fact.

Making this even more potentially beneficial to your health than drinking traditional Japanese green teas, long famed for their therapeutic qualities.

It’s known as Kenyan Elephant Ivory Matcha Tea, thanks to its pale white colour. And it has been associated with benefits such as these…

  • Enhancing immune system function and efficacy
  • Improving cardiovascular function
  • Balancing cholesterol levels in the blood
  • Protecting and enhancing brain function
  • Removing harmful bacteria from the mouth and throat, helping prevent bad breath
  • Boosting the body's fat burning capability

How can a tea do all that I hear you say?

What makes this tea so special is the way it is grown, where it is grown and how it is picked and processed.

Many commercial tea crops have to be treated for a whole range of pests and diseases because they tend to be grown in low altitude regions, but the high fertile slopes of the mountain allow this tea to be grown above 2,000ft where no pests exist and so the tea has no chemicals applied to it.

This tea is grown at one of the highest plantations with some plants existing at 2,700ft... almost a rarefied atmosphere!

Of course there are more popular and familiar health teas available, and here in the West we have only recently been introduced to Matcha teas from the Far East.

You may be familiar with Japanese Matcha teas which have been shown to have some spectacular health benefits associated with regular consumption, but Kenyan Elephant Ivory Matcha Tea is something even more special, just look at what it offers:

  • Fresher and more subtle flavour
  • One of the highest levels of healthy antioxidants of any tea
  • Very low levels of caffeine
  • Rich in polyphenols
  • Allergen and pesticide free
  • Derived from only the very youngest leaves, which are then traditionally stone milled
  • Produced in small batches to exacting standards in Canada, finished to Japanese Matcha specifications

How Does Elephant Ivory White Tea and Traditional Green Matcha Tea Compare?

You may be wondering whether to try this fine white tea instead of your normal green matcha, so here is a comparison between the two:

Green Japanese Matcha

Relatively low grown tea.

Shaded 2-3 weeks before plucking to concentrate chlorophyll and produce intense green colour.

Steamed on arrival at tea factory to kill enzymes and prevent oxidation – a standard Japanese green tea technique.

High L-theanine values. This is an enzyme which the body needs but cannot produce itself and has been shown to benefit sleep and cognitive function – however, it can interact with blood pressure medication and pregnant and/or breastfeeding women are advised to avoid it in high quantities.

White Kenya Matcha

High grown tea – there is a proven correlation between altitude and antioxidant values – higher is better for polyphenols.

Not shaded, so sunlight is allowed to act normally and convert amino acid (L-theanine) into polyphenols.

Simple manufacture – plucked and dried.

(The steaming of Japanese tea introduces water to the leaf.  There is a strong affinity between H2O and polyphenols so this process effectively washes out some polyphenols.)

Normal L-theanine levels.

This means that more people can enjoy White Kenyan Matcha and the health benefits are greater due to the levels of antioxidants.

Why it is time you tried this amazing tea

Elephant Ivory Matcha Tea really is something very special in the world of health teas, but it is also a mild and pleasant drink to enjoy in its own right, described as being thick and frothy, with deep, round grassy notes that are classic to luxury White Kenya teas. Crisp, yet smooth.

Don’t forget it is the really high levels of anti-oxidants which marks this tea out as one of the healthiest available, anywhere in the world.

Cup of Ivory Tea
The health benefits of these compounds can make a significant difference to your well being, but that is not all that you can expect from this flavoursome daily brew;

  • Exceptionally high levels of antioxidants in this tea protect your cells from the effects of free radicals and can help reduce inflammation in the body, which boosts the immune cell function, helping you fight of a range of pathogens
  • Providing a significant boost to cardiovascular function due to an incredibly high level of antioxidants – remember, the highest levels recorded in any tea
  • Ability to balance cholesterol levels in the blood to ensure that there is sufficient available for your body’s need but not enough to begin to clog arteries
  • Protecting and enhancing brain function due to high and available levels of catechin which protects nerve and brain cells from damage
  • Spring cleaning the mouth and throat to get rid of potentially harmful bacteria and improve taste and prevent bad breath
  • Boosting the fat burning capability of your body, breaking down fat cells and preventing new ones forming


As well as this unique and rare tea we are also offering some essential accessories to complete the experience; a high quality and sustainably sourced bamboo Matcha whisk which ensures the perfect froth and smoothness, and an elegant traditional bamboo Matcha spoon.

Tea Accessories

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So, now you know all there is to know about this highly flavoursome, rare and healthy tea – isn’t it time that you discovered just how good Kenyan Elephant Ivory White Matcha Tea really is?

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Jane Holton

Product Marketing Manager