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Western scientists have started to

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How these 5 types of medicinal

mushroom can help slow ageing

relieve stress, improve digestion and

boost your energy & brain power

In 1991, a mummified body was discovered in the Alps.

It was a man who lived in 3,500 BC.

He had to keep his energy up in tough climes, high in the mountains.

A pouch found at his side contained amadou, a fungus that grows on the bark of coniferous trees.

This was a natural remedy he kept close with him and used it to help him survive the harsh weather of the Austrian mountains.

It’s something of an ancient health secret.

For while most of us think of mushrooms purely as food, they have been prized by many civilisations across the world as a vital health tonic.

The Greek physician Hippocrates used mushrooms as an anti-inflammatory. Reishi mushrooms were used in ancient Chinese medicine. The first peoples of North America used puffball mushrooms as wound healers.

Now Western scientists are waking up, finally.

There has been a recent surge in interest in the immune-boosting powers of some types of mushroom.

It turns out that mushrooms are nature’s tiny pharmaceutical powerhouses, rich in active compounds with antioxidant, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and immune-boosting properties.

They can help…

  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Slow the signs of ageing
  • Relieve stress & anxiety
  • Improve digestion
  • Boost your energy
  • Improve cognitive function for better memory and concentration

I’ll explain more in a moment. But if you’re interested in finding out how they would work for you, then I’m pleased to announce that a new organic blend of 5 of the most powerful medicinal mushrooms is available today for a 35-day trial.

For a whole month, you can take this supplement daily and see the effects on your health for yourself without any financial risk.

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Why Your Body is More like a
Mushroom than a Plant

In the tree of evolution, animals are more closely related to mushrooms than they are to plants.

The vegetative part of fungi, known as mycelium, looks like a load of thin threads, or a cobweb. But it is actually an intelligent biological network of enzymes.

Humans have evolved receptors, known as “pattern recognition receptors”, that bind to nonhuman carbohydrates, proteins, and acids. They also react to compounds called “b-glucans”, produced by mushrooms, which stimulate the immune system.

They’re also packed with vitamin C and an important source of vegan vitamin D.

The European Food Safety Authority provides independent scientific advice on nutritional products. They have approved the immune-boosting properties of medicinal mushrooms.

Today, you can find out for yourself with an organic blend of 5 forms of mushrooms.

  • Maitake mushroom – a rich source of beta-glucans and polysaccharides

A traditional Chinese tonic used for over 2000 years, Maitake is an adaptogen, which means it adapts your body’s immune system response to better manage stress, ease chronic fatigue, lower blood pressure and normalise blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

  • Reishi mushroom – effective for inflammation

Reishi contains high levels of beta-glucans and is arguably the most effective mushroom for managing inflammation, as it works on the histamine pathways, re-regulating the immune response and influencing immune signalling.

  • Shiitake mushroom

Shiitake mushrooms are members of a special group of medical fungi, or mushrooms, that have been used in Japan and South East Asia for over 1000 years. They help to lower cholesterol levels as well as fight infection (by producing interferon, a group of natural proteins that stops viruses from multiplying). Shiitake is naturally rich in polysaccharides, lentinan in particular, which is a beta-glucan.

  • Lion's Mane mushroom

Lion's Mane helps boost the immune system by encouraging the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. It can also reduce inflammation and prevent tissue damage in your intestines, helping to improve digestion.  It is one of nature's most effective brain foods and can help support learning, memory, focus and concentration by assisting in the production of nerve growth factor.

Buddhist monks were said to have used Lion's Mane in tea to enhance brain power, heighten their focus during meditation and to generally benefit from its effects on cognitive health.

Studies have found that this mushroom can also reduce feelings of anxiousness and irritability.

  • Chaga mushroom

For centuries Chaga has been used to aid immune system function and boost overall health. It helps reduce inflammation and it has antioxidant and immune supporting properties.

Now you can get the benefits of ALL FIVE of these mushrooms in Multi Mushroom Organic Complex, an easy-to-take natural supplement.

PLUS benefit from 3 more key ingredients…

As well as those five mushrooms working together, you’ll also benefit from three more key ingredients:

  • Astragalus root used as a popular herbal tonic in China for many centuries. Some of the known active components include flavonoids, free amino acids, trace minerals and polyphenols.
  • Acerola fruit Acerola cherries are nutrient-dense and exceptionally high in naturally bio-available vitamin C. In fact, researchers have identified nearly 150 nutritive constituents, which include bioflavonoids, proteins, mineral salts, iron, calcium and phosphorus.
  • Black pepper the fruit of the black pepper plant from the Piperaceae family. Piperine is the alkaloid within black pepper that is responsible for its pungency. Not only is it a very good anti-inflammatory agent, it has been added to increase the absorption and utilisation of the beneficial ingredients in the formula.

This multi-blend not only has immune-boosting properties but can help everything from cognitive function, mental well-being and energy levels, to healthy digestion, lower inflammation and protection from oxidative stress.

It’s 100% vegan and natural. The ingredients have been certified organic by the Soil Association, meaning no toxic pesticides or fertilisers have been used.

And because it’s an organic product, the mushrooms have high bio-availability, so they are more readily absorbed and used by your body.

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