Why it’s time you chose a healthier coffee option

Is Your Choice of Coffee the Worst Health Decision You Make Every Day? 

Discover how an amazing ethical coffee could be your saviour

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That first cup of coffee in a morning is always an unbridled joy, giving the perk your system needs and almost armouring you against the rigours of the day ahead.

But what if you knew that the Food Standards Agency was worried about you? They say that your choice of coffee might be putting your health at risk from the very worst of conditions including cancer.

They highlight the potential problems caused by a compound found in roasted coffee beans called acrylamide;

Now that’s pretty worrying isn’t it and certainly made me stop and rethink whether I should be drinking coffee or not.

Then I discovered the four steps to eradicate acrylamide from my morning pleasure, and I want to share these with you now so that you too can carry on enjoying your favourite drink, whatever time of day you want it and as many cups as you like.


The four steps to better health choices

The answer to finding a risk free healthy coffee is simple – buy one that is 100% Arabica beans which have been medium roasted, have been grown in Columbia and then brewed through a filter.

What could be easier? If you are wondering why each of these factors are going to help you let me explain...


There are two basic varieties of coffee bean grown in the world, Robusta and Arabica.

Of these the lowest levels of acrylamide are found in Arabica beans. Care needs to be taken though as there are many hybrids of these basic varieties and it is only the 100% Arabica beans that have lowered levels.


Formation of acrylamide in starchy foods is due to them being exposed to temperatures over 120OC for long periods of time.
Thus dark chocolaty roasts are likely to contain much more of the dangerous substance than a lighter roast, but darker roasts develop a better flavour profile.
The best of both worlds is a carefully controlled medium roast.


Columbia has been growing high quality coffee for over 200 years and its unique mix of microclimates, high altitude, volcanic soils and just the right amount of rainfall and shade make it ideal for the sensitive Arabica beans to grow to perfection.

These traceable Rainforest Alliance certified beans are only sourced from environmentally and socially responsible growers.


Whilst a pretty cafetiere of French Press might look good on the table the truth is that the small particles of coffee that get through the coarse filter could contain appreciable amounts of acrylamide.

Using a paper filter reduces this risk to almost zero.

Get these four steps right and you will;

  • Reduce your risk of serious health problems
  • Support indigenous and environmentally responsible growers
  • Be purchasing rainforest Alliance certified product
  • Have a coffee choice which offers a complex flavour profile of fruity, light acidity, light spice and a full body taste

But what if I could offer you even more to make your coffee choice even more of a health boost?

It’s time to discover fantastic CBD Coffee – from the Cheerful Buddha and now part of my CBD Shield collection.

100% Arabica Beans

Medium Roasted

Columbian Rain Forest Alliance sourced

Perfectly ground for paper filters

Full flavoured with delicate overtones

Infused with 10mg CBD oil bound to coconut oil

Produced in the UK

Fully legal, tested and approved

The health benefits of CBD

The Cannabidiol or CBD in this coffee is extracted from cannabis plants using the gold standard supercritical CO2 extraction method. This is then tested and certified by one of the most sophisticated cannabinoid testing facility in Europe.

This testing is important as it ensures the highest quality standard but also ensures that all of the cannabinoids which could cause psychotropic effects associated with cannabis have been removed, especially one called THC.

Because all of these compounds have been removed it means that our CBD infused coffee is completely legal and conforms to all UK and EU legislation.

But just because the harmful THC has been removed doesn’t make the CBD oil ineffective when it comes to health benefits.

Whilst the legislators are very strict on what can be claimed as health benefits from CBD there are many users who claim really significant benefits in terms of pain relief, lowered anxiety levels and even lower blood pressure.

Many scientific trials are being undertaken in order to satisfy the complex licensing requirements but there is only one trial which we should take seriously.

That is your own personal trial.

If having a couple of cups of this coffee makes a real difference to your health then the trial has been successful, but if it doesn’t I don’t want you to feel that you wasted your money.

So, I will give you 35 days to trial this fantastic and satisfying coffee and if you can’t feel any  change in your state of health you can have all of the money back you paid without any questions being asked as soon as you send the part used pack back to us.

Start your trial now

Let me review what I am offering;

The highest quality Rainforest Alliance approved coffee from sustainable and socially responsible Colombian sources

The healthiest coffee available with the absolute minimum of potentially cancer causing acrylamide in it

The significant added health benefits of premium grade CBD infusion from a UK source

The safety and security of a 35 day money back offer trial

Maybe it is time to think harder about your choice of coffee.

Each and every cup of the CBD infused fresh ground is packed with healthy components and offers you the best coffee experience available and the peace of mind that you are avoiding anything unhealthy or risky in your daily mug.

Make sure you don’t miss out.

Yours, as always

Ray Collins