“At last, Vitamin B that won’t get flushed out of your body”

This Raw, Natural Whole Food Supplement Is Highly Absorbable and Effective

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  • Healthy brain function
  • Higher energy levels
  • Good digestion
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Dear Friend,

Many of us need a top-up of vitamin B.

B vitamins consist of eight different nutrients, all of which are vital for your health and wellbeing.

They have a direct impact on your energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism.

With enough vitamin B in your system, you can enjoy:

More protection from infections

Better cell health including growth of more red blood cells

Higher energy levels

Improved eyesight

Better brain function, concentration and mood

Effective digestion and a healthy appetite

Proper nerve function

Balanced hormone and cholesterol production

However, many of us don’t have sufficient levels in our bodies.

Thanks to modern farming methods and long transportation distances, our food is much lower in nutrients these days.

On top of that, a lot of us struggle to get the time to make balanced, nutritious meals from whole food ingredients every day.

What’s more, older people and pregnant women need larger amounts of vitamin B.

The same goes for people with Crohn’s disease, Celiac disease, HIV, and alcohol problems. These conditions prevent the body from absorbing B vitamins effectively.

Lastly, there is a significant impact from prescription medication too – Diabetes sufferers taking Metformin will have reduced B vitamin uptake as will those with gastric reflux taking omeprazole, lanzoprazole or ranitidine.

Symptoms of a deficiency can range from fatigue, ‘brain fog’ and confusion…. to anemia, skin rashes, or a poor immune system.

This is why so many people need to supplement their diet with B-vitamins.

But here’s where many people end up wasting their money.

Why most vitamin B supplements end up in your toilet

A lot of the supplements you can buy online, in the supermarket or discount stores, are cheap synthetic products with bulking agents in them.

As a result, they just flush through your body and right into the loo.

A total waste of money.

Yet despite these low-quality supplements being largely useless, they still dominate the vitamin market.

They’re everywhere, and people are taking them without concern, unwittingly thinking that all vitamin tablets are the same.

Which is why I’m delighted to introduce an alternative...

A vitamin B supplement that your body treats like REAL food

's B Complex is made from foods including whole citrus pulp, baker’s yeast and corn.

Using carefully controlled low-heat conditions they preserve all the naturally-occurring goodness, including live enzymes and phytonutrients, amino acids, trace minerals and other bioactive co-factors.

This form of whole food supplement makes the vitamins far more bioavailable…

Ensuring that the vital factors your body needs to use the vitamin is present when it is needed.

Which means that your body can more easily recognise, absorb and use the nutrients.

It contains all eight essential B Vitamins:-

Vitamin B12 – Check what you take now

Just one example of how cheap vitamins and even those prescribed by your GP can fail you can be seen in the case of vitamin B12.

This essential B vitamin is needed for red blood cell production, brain health, and DNA synthesis.

In the UK, an estimated 20% of those aged 65–75 are vitamin B12 deficient. This is significant because if left untreated B12 deficiency can lead to cognitive impairment, which carries a risk of progression to dementia.

This really does need to be taken seriously.

But in most B vitamin supplements they add in a synthetic version called cyanocobalamin... and that is just a waste.

You see there are several studies which show that about three times as much cyanocobalamin was excreted through urine, indicating that methylcobalamin is retained better within your body.

Cyanocobalamin is cheap, easier to formulate and has a longer shelf life...

...which means your health is put at risk because it makes life easier for the manufacturer... is that really acceptable?

That’s why this supplement uses methylcobalamin instead – just one example of why your choice of supplement should be carefully considered.

Click below for a truly natural, bio-available and value for money option

’s B-Vitamin Complex is a Complete Whole Food Supplement

Gentle on the stomach

Highly absorbed, retained and utilised

Free from additives and processing chemicals

Raw ingredients


Free from pesticides and herbicides

Made in the UK


  • thiamin (B1)
  • riboflavin (B2)
  • niacin (B3)
  • pantothenic acid (B5)
  • pyridoxine (B6)
  • biotin (B7)
  • 'folic acid' (B9)
  • methylcobalamin (B12)

On top of that, it also includes Vitamin C with natural bioflavonoids.

You can take one every day by swallowing the capsule.

Or, if you have trouble swallowing pills, then you can also split the cap and mix the powder with food or drink.

Whatever you do, you can rest assured that Health’s B-Complex is completely natural, vegan and free from the following:

Wheat; live yeast; starch; gluten; milk products (lactose); filler; binders; additives; colourings; flavourings; preservatives; hexane; pesticides and GM ingredients.

You won’t find any of these things in 's B-Complex. Just whole food-derived B-vitamins.

Just click the link below to order and we’ll rush you a months’ worth to try.

B-vitamins are essential for keeping our nervous and immune systems healthy, supporting brain activity and reducing depression, memory loss and confusion.

With many of us experiencing disruption to our day-to-day routines and trying to adapt to the ‘new normal’, we can be forgiven for feeling like we don’t have our ‘head screwed on’.

But forgetfulness, confusion and lethargy may in fact be down to low B-vitamin levels within the body.

So consider a top-up today!

Yours, as always

Ray Collins