“Are you taking the WRONG kind of calcium supplement?”

Ray Collins reveals the best way to get calcium into your system for healthy bones, teeth, heart and brain

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We all know about calcium.

It’s one of those minerals that we usually learn about from a young age.

You get it in foods like milk, cheese and yoghurt, and it’s vital for the health of your teeth and bones, where 99% of your calcium is stored.  It’s also essential for the health of your muscles, heart, brain and nerves.

This is why, like many people, you might take regular calcium supplements, or you’re considering doing so.

And that’s a good thing…

Taking calcium supplements has been shown to reduce the loss of bone mass by about 50%.

However, a warning…

Not all calcium supplements are the same.

Most supplements on the market are produced from rock (limestone) which is not well absorbed or tolerated by your body.

This is a problem for older people, because absorption of calcium by the intestines diminishes with age.

Supplementation with some calcium products can even cause stomach upsets.

So I would like to recommend a healthier alternative…

A 100% plant-based calcium

The UK company  is passionate about creating supplements based on real foods, which don’t harm the environment unnecessarily.

To get their calcium, they harvest seaweed from the coast of Iceland, then wash, dry and mill it without the use of chemicals.

What remains is a natural calcium extract that comes from a sustainable whole food, which means it’s highly bioavailable.

In other words, your body will more easily absorb and use that calcium to strengthen your bones, muscles and nervous system.

It’s gentle on the stomach and also:


Free from additives and processing chemicals.


If you would like to try it, then we’re offering a 30 day risk-free trial of ’s Seaweed Extract Calcium.

This means that you can see what you think before you make any commitment.

If you’re already taking calcium, this is likely to be a far better option for your body.

And if you’re not, here’s why you should consider it....

Are your bones becoming ‘overdrawn’?

As you get older, your ability to absorb calcium diminishes.

Your body reabsorbs the calcium from your bones and teeth instead of storing it there.

It’s similar to making bank withdrawals…

When you’re young, you’re like a person with unlimited cash, who can get money out whenever you like.

But as you get older, your bank account starts to get lower and lower, because you’re taking out more than you put in.

Then, one day, the bank machine says: “YOU ARE OVERDRAWN.”

There was no warning sign. No letter from the bank. No phone call from an account manager.

And now it’s too late to do anything about it.

Well, this is what it’s like with calcium.

Your body makes calcium withdrawals every day, year after year, even when your ability to top up your calcium decreases.

Your levels diminish to the point that your bones become weak.

But you only realise this is when you fracture your leg in a minor fall or your tooth shatters on a Brazil nut.

So you need to make sure you are getting enough – either through your diet or through a supplement like the one  have created.

It’s derived from seaweed so it’s highly bioavailable, helping your body to absorb and use it properly.

How to Get the Right Amount of Daily Calcium

We need around 1000 milligrams of calcium per day to keep our bone mass stabile.

You can get 300 milligrams of calcium from:

  • One glass of milk
  • Two servings of yogurt
  • 30 grams of cheddar cheese

So a glass of milk, some cheese and a bowl of yoghurt could deliver what you need. But a lot of us don’t eat or drink that much dairy every day, week after week.

Some don’t consume it at all because of veganism, intolerance to lactose or milk protein, and dietary restrictions.

Yes, fruit and veg contain calcium, but in smaller amounts. For example, to get 300 grams of calcium you need to eat a kilo of oranges.

Also bear in mind that the calcium in fruits and vegetables is harder to absorb than the calcium in diary.

And here’s the bigger problem…

After menopause, women need between 1200 and 1500 milligrams of calcium every day - and the same goes for men after the age of 55.

So it’s highly likely that you aren’t getting your full calcium quota every day.

The simple answer is to take a supplement like this one from : a seaweed-derived source of calcium in a daily supplement that makes it easy to keep your bones and teeth strong.

It will give you the peace of mind to KNOW you have the right amount of calcium every day.

After all, there isn’t any other way of knowing that you have a deficiency until you suddenly break a bone.

And most importantly, you’ll know that your taking the very best form of calcium possible.

Together is a UK company that takes care when it comes to creating whole food supplements, and their 100% natural plant-based calcium is no exception.

“About one in two women and one in five men over 50 will break a bone because of osteoporosis, so it is important to keep your bones healthy”

-  Age UK.


Ray Collins