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Find out how you can;

  • Achieve the perfect health boost

  • Supercharge your immune system to prevent common illnesses

  • Rediscover restful sleep, eat better and restore a more cheerful mood

  • Enjoy shiny skin and lustrous hair

  • Prevent muscle aches and joint pains

Dear Friends

I would like to offer you a voice of sanity in a world of confusing noise.

We are all bombarded with information that tells us how unhealthily we are living, the dangers of enjoying ourselves and how and why we need to purge and cleanse our bodies to keep in tip-top health.

Be under no illusion these folks are just killjoys!

The Diet Guru’s that want you to eat a sparse fare, the Nutrition Expert that recommends basic rations and the Colonic Professor who wants you to flush your gut with a coffee enema are all missing the point.

We don’t need telling off for having fun.

What we all want is a nice and easy way to give our poor overworked bodies a chance to relax and heal – in the most natural way possible.

For hundreds of years humans have enjoyed a varied and rich diet that didn’t always agree with our digestion and occasionally made our livers and kidneys earn their keep, but for our ancient ancestors they didn’t reach for a length of hose and a big funnel...

...their tonics and detoxification regimes were a whole lot simpler, much more relaxing and completely natural.

You see they completely understood the healing power of the natural world around them.

At no point did anyone start to worry that they had enjoyed good food, a little fermented fruit juice or the shared spoils of a honey harvest.

No, they were all about celebrating their good fortune and taking things a bit easier – and so should you.

But we also know that the big difference between ancient societies and our own is that we have access to more of the bad stuff, or at least it has the opportunity to affect us even if we are unaware of it.

For instance do you suffer from any of the following issues?

  • Poor sleep
  • Upset digestion including reflux
  • Hair loss and thinning itchy skin
  • Low mood or quick temper
  • Poor memory or lack of concentration
  • Shortness of breath or wheezing
  • Muscle aching and cramps

These and many more can be symptoms of the body being overloaded with waste products and toxins that it simply can’t deal with.
So the way to improve all of these is to find a way to dispose of the waste, take out the trash and generally have a spruce up of the major body systems.

But this doesn’t have to involve one of those coffee enema things or any of the other acts of abstention and self denial.

What you need to keep yourself in the very best of health is a refreshing and cleansing tonic tea, but you need to make sure that you choose one from someone who really knows what they are doing.

This is the most natural way to give your body the health boost
it so desperately needs

Detox Tea

The Tonic Blend That Will Boost Your Health

By working with a highly qualified Medical Herbalist we are able to offer readers the chance to experience a completely natural way to help cleanse the body and restore health in a way that you will never have experienced before.

This specially selected and blended tonic is steeped in warm water and drunk as a fortifying and cleansing drink.

This herbal blend has been formulated to act as a gentle detox: bitter plant components stimulate the digestive system, including the salivary glands, liver and stomach, to work more effectively (by a complex set of neural pathways). Herbs in this formula containing aromatic constituents also support the gut to reduce griping and wind.

This tea will be most effective when drunk 10 –20 minutes before a meal.

It contains the following natural ingredients:

Dandelion Root (Taraxacum officinale radix)

Dandelion root relieves congestion of the liver and is an essential part of a detox. Traditionally used both as a general tonic and a liver tonic, dandelion helps the digestive system and is especially good for the digestion of fats. Because of its effect upon the liver it also helps to clear the skin. Dandelion root contains components that have been researched and found to have many beneficial effects, such as the elimination of pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract, for example the roots contain up to 45% inulin, a complex carbohydrate (fructo-oligosaccharides).

Milk Thistle Seed (Silybum marianum semen)

Extensive research has shown the incredible effects of this plant on the liver; it increases the numbers of hepatocytes (liver cells) that are working on detoxification of your system. It is a powerful anti-oxidant and works to protect the liver from damage.

Agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria)

Agrimony, or ‘church steeples’ has traditionally been used as a spring tonic. The astringent and mildly bitter actions tone and support the gut, generally calming things down while increasing liver secretions and stimulating digestion. There has been some recent research into this plant and it is thought that the volatile oils are the ‘active’ component of this herb.

Fennel Seed (Foeniculum vulgare)

Fennel seed is excellent for reducing flatulence and griping in the gut. The seeds contain volatile oils that stimulate good digestion and are anti-spasmodic. Fennel is extensively used in traditional medicine systems across the globe.

A Medical Herbalist Speaks...

Lizzie Foulon BSc (hons.) MCPP

Lizzie is a Medical Herbalist working in general practice seeing patients with both chronic and acute conditions. A considerable amount of her work involves supporting cancer patients using herbal medicines alongside their other treatments. She has been practicing as a Medical Herbalist since 2005 and holds a degree in Phytotherapy, the science of Herbal Medicine, through which she undertook rigorous training in the medical sciences, nutrition and the uses of herbal medicines and their constituents.

“There are three things which I always need to explain to people when I tell them that I am a Medical Herbalist. Firstly I didn’t just take a weekend course, and secondly that I am not a homeopath! To qualify with my BSc in Phytotherapy I studied intensively, for a four year full time degree. I also spent three further years studying in the UK, France and USA (where I won a year-long scholarship with well-known herbalist, botanist and author Christopher Hobbs, and trained in a famous natural cancer clinic amongst other opportunities). As a student I studied all the usual medical sciences such as anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology and the same clinical skills learned by medics as well as gaining in depth specialist knowledge in plant pharmacology and the clinical applications of herbal medicines for use as a stand-alone treatment or alongside prescribed drugs. After seven years of intense study my training ensures that I am offering safe and effective treatment to my patients.

The third thing that I have to explain is that this is truly holistic - I work with the whole person; with their current problems as well as supporting their entire health for long-term wellbeing, to be able to do this effectively I begin by taking a thorough medical history. Plants are an extremely sophisticated form of medicine, containing hundreds of balanced constituents rather than a ‘one hit’ chemical. Herbs are every bit as powerful as many of the modern drugs and medications that you can get from a chemist or your GP, though they work in harmony with your body when appropriately prescribed by someone like me.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa)

Turmeric is now widely known and used for many health problems in the Western world and has been used in Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine) for millennia. Turmeric is extensively researched: many studies have shown that it stimulates and protects the liver, helping it to regenerate.

Cardamom (Elattaria cardamomum)

This beautiful, aromatic spice grows in Sri Lanka and Southern India. It is calming to the gut and stimulates the flow of saliva, thus improving digestion. It is very useful for intestinal cramps.

Feel the benefit from the very first cup

Detox tea

The Great Detox Debate

For many years the media has been filled with discussions about ‘detoxing the body’ and how is the best way to do this.

Usually this leads to garish headlines and a very expensive remedy to help those in need top cleanse themselves, rarely though are these recommendations wholly natural.

This detox blend could not be more natural unless you walked into the fields and picked it for yourself, and very few of us would know how to do that without risking life and limb!

What are the benefits of a proper body detox?

1. Improved Energy Levels

Our body uses a wide range of resources to generate energy but the build up of waste materials inside cells and organs can lead to a decrease in energy production and that is why a regular cleansing makes you feel so good.

2. Boosted Immune Response & Reduced Inflammation

Our gut is critical to the development and training of our immune cells so that anything which affects its function will have a catastrophic effect on our body’s ability to protect itself. In addition, waste materials clog up blood and lymphatic systems meaning that the important cells they carry get obstructed.

3. Better Skin, Shinier Hair and Fresher Breath

These may not be the prime reason to detox the body but one of the beneficial side effects of a cleaner system is that the skin and hair become much more healthy, and of course if you are not holding onto waste materials then what you breathe out will smell so much fresher!

4. Slowed Signs of Ageing

This is not an elixir of youth but it can help prevent some of the outward signs of ageing, such as the condition of skin and the lustre of hair. Getting older is a fact we all have to deal with but keeping your system free of waste will help it perform better and for longer.

5. Support Digestion and Help Weight Management

Detoxification can also help with long-term weight management by removing the toxins that are currently interfering with proper metabolic function, and helping to set you up with healthy habits.

Don’t forget this is a natural blend expertly created by a fully qualified

Medical Herbalist - Available Now

Herbal Detox tea

Detox Tea

Wishing you the best of health,

Jane Holton

Medical Editor