As featured on BBC2’s Trust Me I’m A Doctor, Sky News and ITV

Introducing the CBD Oil Your Pharmacist Would Recommend...

This High Strength RAW Oil is Rich in Compounds that Support the Health of your Body & Mind

I’m sure you’ve seen the many media articles about Cannabis Oil (CBD oil), a natural supplement extracted from cannabis plants.

And you’ve probably read about how millions across the world use it to reduce pain, anxiety, insomnia and inflammation.

There are good scientific reasons for this, too…

Scientists have discovered that our bodies make chemicals known as ‘endocannabinoids’.

These endocannabinoids are similar in structure to the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

They affect how our body responds to pain and anxiety.

When you take CBD, it interacts with receptors in the endocannabinoid system by inhibiting those enzymes associated with inflammation.

It also increases levels of anandamide, a compound associated with regulating pain.

This is why a quarter of a million people are now using legal cannabis (CBD).

It has no psychoactive side-effects because the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has been removed, the compound that gives it ‘trippy’ properties,

However, thanks to its soaring popularity  are a lot of CBD oil products on the market…

Not all have the same quality, strength of production standard.

So choosing a CBD product can be a big worry for many people….

How can you be sure what’s in it? And how can you know it’s going to do what it promised?

Which is why I’m delighted to introduce a UK producer that grows their own cannabis and does all of the extraction and formulation themselves.

A great-tasting CBD oil
you can trust

By crafting CBD from seed-to-shelf, Canabidol™ has developed some of the best CBD supplements in the UK.

Their products are organically grown, and come with batch-specific documentation, so you can be reassured about what you’re putting into your body.

Canabidol Raw CBD Oil is a full plant extract which means it contains all of the phytonutrients, terpenes and full spectrum fatty acids that make it so effective.

This boosts the bio-availability of the oil, meaning it is more quickly and efficiently absorbed by your body.

In other words, it does what’s needed for the health of your body and mind.

This is why it was voted by T3 and Your Healthy Living Magazine readers as Best CBD Product 2020.

Canabidol™ was also featured on BBC2’s Trust Me I’m A Doctor.

In an episode called ‘What’s Really In Cannabis-Based Health Products?”, Canabidol™ CBD products were tested as the most compliant. This was also reported on by Sky News and ITV.

But if you want to try it out yourself, here’s a way to do it without any financial risk.

A raw oil that meets the exacting standards required
by pharmacists for the retail sale of CBD.

My name is Ray Collins, author of The Good Life Letter. Every week my team and I research the latest natural health breakthroughs and therapies.

One of the most popular right now is CBD oil, because of the widespread reports into its many benefits.

However, the industry is largely unregulated – which means there are many dodgy CBD products out there.

…Some have too much THC in them, which contravenes the law.

…Some are made from hemp oil, which doesn’t have the same effect.

…Some CBD oils are simply too weak in strength, and contain nasties like pesticides, mould and solvents.

… And some have an unpleasant taste that our readers cannot stand.

We know that many are worried that they’ll pay good money for something that isn’t of the quality and standard needed to have an effect.

So we’ve spend many months researching and trialling the many options available.

We believe that Canabidol™ raw oil is the best choice you can make.

  • It’s the only UK brand who guarantee that their products are legal, safe and compliant to new Home Office regulations on THC content.
  • Their high quality of manufacture ensures consistency and quality. No solvents are used in the extraction of the CBD and it is pesticide-free, made from 100% organically grown plants.
  • It is tested to make sure there are no naturally occurring soil bacteria and mould spores present that could cause it to spoil or have side effects.
  • Their raw oil retains its Terpenes – compounds which give the oil its flavour and colour. This means it has a much better taste and cleaner feeling in the mouth than others we have tried.

Try Canabidol™ for 30 days – and your money back if you don’t notice great results

However, we know that the only way for you to know is to try it yourself.

Which is why we’re offering a 30 day risk free trial of this pharmacy-standard raw oil.

Take it daily and see what happens for a month.

If you’re not happy for any reason let us know and we’ll refund you in full.

But we’re so confident in this amazing raw oil, that we’re sure you’ll be one of the many who write to us about its remarkable benefits.

Choose your strength

The raw CBD Oil comes in three strengths, 250mg (2.5%), 500mg (5%) and 1000mg (10%). Which you choose is down to you, how your body reacts to the oil and what you are using it for.

There is a little bit of testing needed, but if you think the measure you have chosen is too weak, increase the amount you take or reduce it if the oil is too strong.

If you are taking the oil for anxiety, then we suggest your start with the 250mg strength,  if your aim is to reduce inflammation then go for the 500mg choice, and if you are already using anther oil, comfortable with how you take it and want to try this raw version then the 1000mg could be the one for you.