“Sip Your Way to Better Health, Every Day”

Introducing the immunity-boosting tea from Kenya

  • LOW in caffeine
  • HIGH in antioxidants
  • Less fluoride than regular tea

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Every day, our bodies are exposed to unstable molecules known as ‘free radicals’.

We get them from ultra-violet light, cigarette smoke, chemicals in the environment and fried food.

This makes them very hard to avoid, even if you’re a healthy person.

Free radicals are associated with many serious diseases, including cancer, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

However, antioxidants are a natural form of defence against them. These molecules safely interact with free radicals and stop them damaging your cells.

Think of them like security guards, blocking attempts by rogue particles to get in.

Thanks to this, antioxidants have a range of health benefits, including:-

• Enhancing immune system function and efficacy

• Improving cardiovascular function

• Balancing cholesterol levels in the blood

• Protecting and enhancing brain function

• Removing harmful bacteria from the mouth and throat, helping prevent bad breath

• Boosting the body's fat burning capability

This is why they’re hugely important to get into your diet on a daily basis.

Of course, it’s not always easy to eat enough antioxidant-rich food every day…

So imagine if they were in your cuppa.

Introducing ‘Kosabei’ tea – packed full of healthy antioxidants

The tea estate of Kosabei lies in the Nandi highlands of Kenya at an altitude of over 5500 feet.

The leaves don’t need any pesticides at that extreme height, and they are picked young, with little treatment.

The resulting tea is not only delicious, but low in caffeine, low in fluoride, and packed full of antioxidants.

Improving your daily intake of antioxidants is particularly important in a time where we all need to take extra care of our immune systems.

So imagine getting more into your system with your daily cups of tea.

“Beautiful flavours, my favourite tea, best sipped slowly for full effect.” AZ

“I am no longer able to have my morning coffee and this low caffeine tea is a perfect replacement, lovely strong flavour.” CS

“I am a tea snob and this is one of my absolute favourites.” WL

A tea as tasty as it is healthy

My name is Ray Collins, and every week in The Good Life Letter I share new ways to get more nutrition in your daily diet – without sacrificing what you really love to eat and drink.

Being healthy doesn’t have to mean giving up good things.

Or having to consume foods that you don’t usually like!

So I’m delighted that I can introduce you to Kosabei, which has become a firm favourite in our household.

A lot of people associate ‘healthy’ tea with bitter green teas and exotic flavours that they might enjoy every now and then, but don’t want to drink two or three times a day as their regular brew.

However, Kosabei is a green tea with a deep malty character and notes of currants and toffee. You can drink it with milk. And because it’s low in caffeine, you don’t have to restrict your intake.

Which means it won’t make you irritable, sleepless and anxious.

Better still, this daily brew that could help you feel healthier over time.

It’s down to one particular group of compounds in the tea, known as flavonoids.

Most people know about the powerful antioxidants in vitamins like A, C & E. But flavonoids, also deliver huge amounts of antioxidants.

A study published in 2016 in the journal ‘Advances In Nutrition’ demonstrated the role of flavonoids in the immune system’s defences, especially against respiratory tract infections.

These flavonoids are abundant in Kosabei tea.

And it has another advantage too.

Less fluoride than the
average premium brand tea

The alleged risks associated with consuming too much fluoride in your diet include stomach pain and skin rashes.

It’s already in the water and toothpaste, but did you know it was in your tea, too?

In 2013 a study by the University of Derby showed that some commercial teas contained "enough fluoride to put people drinking at least four cups a day over their daily recommended limit.”

This is because the tea plant, Camellia sinensis, is known as a fluoride accumulator.

The cheaper teas use older leaves, which is where more fluoride gathers.

And even many premium teas contain high levels too.

The upshot is, you're getting a big dose of fluoride when you drink your daily cuppa.

However, Kosabei tea contains a lot less than the average premium brand tea.

Grown high in the Nandi Highlands of Kenya this is one of the finest teas produced in a region often described as ‘the Tuscany of Teas’!

And because it is grown above the 'bug line' (over 5,500 feet) there are no pesticides used in the process, making it one of the freshest and ethical teas you can have. The Kosabei Plantation is part of the Tinderet estate and certified by Fair Trade and the Ethical Tea Partnership.

NEW tea bag version exclusive to
The Good Life Letter

Normally Kosabei is only available as a loose-leaf tea, which is a great way to enjoy it if you like your teas traditionally brewed.

But to make it easier and more convenient for you to try it, we have arranged for our supplies to be produced in organic tea bags.

Once you’ve finished you can put the used bag onto the compost heap.

So why not find out how good it is for yourself?

You can try Kosabei on a risk-free trial basis to see how much you enjoy it.

Make yourself a daily cup (or more) for two weeks and if you're not 100% satisfied, then you can send back the remains of the pack for a FULL refund of your original order.

If you don't think the tea tastes better than what you are currently drinking (or for any other reason) we’ll refund what you paid for it no questions asked.

There is nothing to lose…


Ray Collins
The Good Life Letter