How to celebrate

your Birthday

without paying

an unhealthy price

Indulge Hangover Prevention  

Discover how to really

enjoy the party

with everyone else

“How can just one glass of wine leave me feeling so bad?”

If this is something that you have found yourself saying over the last few years then help is at hand.

Dear Friend

For many people the chance to enjoy themselves with friends and family once in a while is spoilt because they just can’t join in with everyone else in raising a glass as a toast – the merest drop of alcohol is enough to make the following day a real chore.

This is just not fair.

If you’ve downed a bottle of the good stuff by yourself, or been on an all night binge then quite rightly you deserve to have a bad head and a churning stomach the following day, but just a glass of champagne on your birthday shouldn’t make you feel as bad.

The physiological changes that occur as a result of drinking alcohol are well known as it is converted into the toxin acetaldehyde, a free radical which irritates the brain lining and diminishes cell functionality, causing a headache.

But there are also compounds added into drinks to help flavour or stabilise them such as sulphites in white wine, plus most alcoholic drinks also contain congeners, a chemical by-product of the fermentation and ageing process. They include toxic substances such as amines, amides, acetones, methanol, histamines and tannins.

The sad truth is that for some of us we are much more susceptible to these types of products than others and even the smallest amount in our blood stream generates a disproportionate response.

This is a problem that seems to get worse with age too...

...But help is available for anyone who just wants to be part of the party and not the one drinking tap water whilst everyone else is laughing and joking the night away.

The natural way to avoid a bad morning after experience

Just imagine if there was a way that you could be part of the family gathering and be able to say “yes please” when you are asked if you would like a glass of champagne for the toast.

A new natural product has been developed that could change how you enjoy your next party.

Indulge is a blend of antioxidants, vitamins and sugars you take BEFORE you drink alcohol. It dramatically reduces the unpleasant symptoms you get the following day, like headaches and nausea, plus it also helps your body rebalance its blood sugar levels. It contains…

  • Bioflavonoids - Antioxidants that neutralise free radicals, improving immunity and reducing inflammation
  • Milk Thistle - Restores the liver and sustains liver cell membranes
  • Vitamin C - Boosts liver enzymes to break down alcohol more efficiently
  • Magnesium - Assists enzyme functionIndulge 2
  • Glucose - Balances your blood sugar levels
  • Fructose – Restores your blood sugar levels


Together these deliver essential nutrients to your body BEFORE you consume alcohol. This will lessen the impact of drinking the next day.

Of course, you can avoid a hangover by not drinking alcohol at all!

But if you enjoy a drink, like to socialise and want to let your hair down a bit, then you’re invited to try Indulge for 35 days, risk-free.

See what it’s like to have a good night out without all the terrible consequences the next day. You’ll be able to….

  • Socialise and drink alcohol without panicking about the repercussions
  • Get up and get to work the next morning
  • Remain mentally sharp and physically energetic the following day
  • Avoid awful blood sugar crashes and the unhealthy carbs, fats and sugars that we crave with hangover-like symptoms.

Now, we are not suggesting that this is the way to drink your way through your hosts’ drinks cabinet and get up in the morning as fresh as a daisy, just a really easy way to have the odd glass of what you fancy without worry.

Join those in the know...

Because of the unique way that Indulge works you can enjoy what 69% of previous users have told us is a pain free day after drinking a couple of glasses of wine or pints of beer – that’s over two in every three people who tried Indulge.

The first benefit you get from using Indulge is that the anti-oxidant complex locks up the acetaldehyde altering its shape, size, compound and polarity, preventing it from crossing the blood-brain barrier, hence no headaches.

Next Indulge helps your liver breakdown and dispose of the other by-products and toxins and also allows it to continue to produce glucose to keep your blood sugar levels at the correct level – and this makes sure that you sleep well and wake refreshed the next day.

Indulge 2

Why shouldn’t you be allowed to enjoy your next birthday party? Try Indulge and feel the difference in the morning