Read all about it... essential vitamins make the news!


Discover what the science says about fighting off winter ills

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The winter months are usually worse for coughs, colds and the flu.

Preparing for the long dark cold months ahead is about more than getting the boiler serviced and the chimney swept – you need to start to take precautions for yourself.

For many years the role played by vitamin C & D in health has been promoted by natural remedy specialists and dieticians, however, the mainstream media rarely pick up on it because there isn’t a massive corporation trying to make money out of it.

But when COVID started to ravage the world's population, they started to look again.

Here is what you can expect from a simple daily supplement of vitamin C and vitamin D;

Both vitamin C & D are essential for a properly working and balanced immune system – the specialised cells that fight off infection

Energy levels traditionally dip in the darker and colder winter months, a daily dose of these two vitamins will add the sparkle back into your days

The cardiovascular system needs both of these vitamins for its normal function and the health of the blood vessels that carry blood around the body

Vitamin C in particular helps cell growth and regeneration so helps fight the sign s of aging

Vitamin D has been shown to counteract the effects of lowered mood in darker days, known as Seasonal Affected Disorder. It has earned it the nickname of ‘the sunshine vitamin’



Getting enough of these essential vitamins couldn’t be easier as we have sourced two great options that will cover all of your needs for the next six months.



A six month supply of whole food vitamin capsules. These supplements are made from real foods so that the body can easily absorb and use them. This ensures you get the best value for money as none of the vitamins go to waste.

Save 25% on 6 packs (30 capsules each) of highly, bioavailable Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C


A six month supply of highly absorbable vitamins that you can take without having to swallow capsules or tablets. The vitamin D is a daily spray under the tongue and the vitamin C an effervescent drink.

No capsule option, save 25%  on six tubes of Vitamin D3 spray and six packs of 20 effervescent vitamin C tablets.

The two fantastic packages are available now... but if you want to take advantage of them you need to act fast.

Now that the worlds media have started to spread the word supplies of these vital vitamins will quickly disappear, and we know there is going to be shortages.

Don’t delay – make you choice now.

Yours, as always

Ray Collins