Discover how this vitamin enhanced collagen could help reduce the symptoms of joint pain and other signs of ageing

How your daily collagen supplement just got even better

The ageing process begins early…

After the age of just 25, the vital structural tissues in your skin, bones, heart, arteries, nails and hair begin to break down.

This is because your natural collagen levels are falling.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, found in the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons, but it is also the most difficult to replace unless you understand three basic factors – just ABC!

The ABC of replacing and supporting collagen levels in the body is very simple to explain, but takes careful and controlled supplementation to work most effectively.

Introducing the collagen ABC

  The collagen has to be Available so that your body can actually use it. It is no good just taking vast quantities of collagen in the hope that some of it gets absorbed, making sure that what you take is there when and how the body needs it is key

Bio-synthesised collagen means that it has been optimised for the body and that is why   we use hydrolysed collagen which has been pre-processed using a water based technique to allow effective transport of the collagen in the bloodstream, which ensures it gets to where it is needed most.

The powerhouse in this process is vitamin C which contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels, bones, cartilage, gums, skin & teeth.



The importance of collagen in the body

This abundant protein helps form a fibrous network of cells called fibroblasts, upon which new cells can grow.

In other words, it’s the vital substance that holds your body together.

Yet many people assume that getting more collagen into your body is purely about reducing wrinkles and improving the look of your skin.

But there is so much more that our bodies can use collagen for.

This is why collagen supplements are recommended to all British Olympic athletes to help keep them in peak condition.

Professor Greg Whyte, director of research at the British Olympic Medical Unit in Liverpool’s John Moore’s hospital says:

"Collagen has been shown to not only protect the joints but maintain skin, tone and looks"

[Daily Express, 2nd May 2010]

And there’s research to back this up….

A 2006 review found that supplements with collagen helped decrease painful symptoms and improve joint function in osteoarthritis sufferers.

As the supplement was absorbed into the body, collagen accumulated in the cartilage. This helped to rebuild the extracellular matrix, meaning less rubbing and pain.

Another 24-week study in 2008 showed how collagen supplements reduced joint-pain in athletics.

Meanwhile Roland Moskowtiz, Professor of Orthopaedics at Case Western University reported that a group taking a collagen supplement 'showed a significant reduction in pain and improvement in joint mobility.”

This is why so many joint pain sufferers are turning to collagen supplements to replenish their natural collagen levels.

But our collagen supplement has another ace up its sleeve because of the vitamin C that is formulated with it.

This essential vitamin which many people associate with fruit and vegetables in diet actually has a significant effect on many major physiological systems such as;

  • Boosting normal energy-yielding metabolism
  • Contributing to normal functioning of the nervous system
  • Supporting normal psychological function
  • Ensuring the normal function of the immune system
  • Facilitating the protection of cells from oxidative stress
  • Helping in the reduction of tiredness and fatigue

"Brilliant, have been taking them for the last 5 months,age 69 years, skin a lot better, no aches and pains in my joints." Joan, Somerset

"Great product that produces visible results if taken regularly" HH, Lancashire

"Been using these collagen capsules for quite a while now and I definitely notice a difference in the condition of my skin, hair and nails. Always make sure I'm stocked up." Stephanie, London

"I have felt the difference in my joints, and the condition of my nails have improved. Will definately continue taking" Teresa, Kent

"I have gone through chemotherapy which has left me with chronic joint pain and peripheral neuropathy. However, I feel less joint pain the following day after taking collagen capsules." Silhouette, Ayrshire

A daily boost of collagen and vitamin C is something ALL of us should consider….

Why your collagen levels are under constant attack

Because after the age of 25 you lose collagen at a rate of 1.5% per annum.

This means that by the age of 35, your body will have lost 15%.... and by 45 you’ve lost 30% This is when you start to notice a change in your skin's elasticity and texture.

Other factors like smoking, too much sugar and exposure to UV light only add to the problem.

Women, in particular, experience a dramatic fall in collagen synthesis after the menopause.

But by the age of 60, both sexes suffer a considerable decline in production. This has wide-ranging effects on your looks, pain levels and general health.

With less collagen, cells and tissues become vulnerable to serious damage, wear and tear. The structural integrity of the skin declines, wrinkles form and your joint cartilage weakens.

This is why there are so many collagen-based skin creams on the market, claiming to restore your natural levels.

But that’s a problem with that claim…

BUSTED! The myths about collagen lotions

One of the biggest myths about boosting collagen levels is that you can apply collagen lotions directly to the skin.

In truth, collagen molecules are too big to cross into the lower layers of the skin and are of no real use.

This means that some of the creams on the market may be a waste of money.

Another myth is the practice of adding collagen to a cup of coffee as a daily supplement.

Research in Drug Design, Development, and Therapy has found that caffeine has a negative effect on the aging process of the skin. So the collagen added to a cup of coffee may simply minimize the damage caused by caffeine.

However, the good news is…

Because we offer a vitamin enriched hydrolysed supplement you get the real ABC benefit of taking them every day.

We recommend our Marine Collagen, a natural food supplement containing an unparalleled blend of Type 1 & 2 pure hydrolysed marine collagen, which is manufactured UK to the highest standards of quality, purity and safety (GMP process.)

Collagen for better skin and hair

A double-blind placebo trial in 2014 found that woman who took collagen regularly for eight weeks saw a 20% reduction in wrinkles.

Lack of collagen leads to dry and wrinkled skin

Restore your collagen and make your skin tighter

Collagen has also been shown to support and increase the body's hair building proteins, which can prevent hair loss, encourage hair growth, and reduce the appearance of grey hair by supporting the healthy structure of the hair follicle.

Furthermore, collagen supplements have been shown to be very effective in the treatment of dry brittle hair by supporting healthy moisture levels within the hair.

But now you can experience the effects for yourself...

Take a 90-day challenge and see the effects of Collagen or your money back

I’m delighted to offer you a 90 day money-back trial of Nature’s Health Collagen Capsules, a natural food supplement containing an unparalleled blend of Type 1 & 2 pure hydrolysed marine collagen and vitamin C.

This is the form of collagen used most extensively in research to show the support effects of collagen on skin, bone and tissue.

I can’t promise that you the same improvements experienced by people in the trials, but collagen is such a vital part of your body’s make-up, this supplement could ensure you age as well as possible.

And with our 90 money-back guarantee you can be sure that you can try it out for yourself at no risk.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with Collagen Plus simply return the part-full (or even empty) packaging and we will refund you in full. No questions or quibbles.

Find out what a daily boost of marine collagen could do for your joint pain, wrinkles, teeth and hair.

Kind regards

Product Development

PS: Marine collagen peptides are absorbed up to 1.5 times more efficiently by than other collagens, with positive effects reported on the symptoms of joint pain, as well as wrinkles, poor metabolism, brittle hair and bad circulation. To find out more, take our 90 day trial here.