Are your joints making life hell? Here’s the solution…

A NEW concentrate of 7 natural active ingredients

Rapid pain relief

Reduce swelling

Eases joint swelling

Improves joint mobility

Do you have... A stiff back? Painful knees? Tight shoulders? Cramp in your arms? And legs and tendons that restrict movement?

More than one in 3 people (from all age groups) have muscle or joint problems. After the age of 50, nearly everybody suffers from these problems and the older we get the more seriously it effects our daily life.

Joint and muscle problems were a fact of life in ancient Egypt (even mummies bear the marks). The Egyptians used nature’s treasures to soothe their pains. This is documented in scrolls dating from the 6th century BC found in Luxor and are the first pharmacological records.

Over the last 50 years, science has overtaken natural medicine and we have lost much of this ancient wisdom. Now, at last, natural medicine has seen a well deserved revival of interest.

We have found new ingredients and discovered the benefits of combining different ones. Now the time has come to reconcile the contributions of science with the benefits of ancient herbal knowledge and for you to start using Advance 7 Massage Gel.

Clinical Study

A recent clinical study has assessed the effectiveness of Advance 7. It was conducted under medical supervision and lasted 28 days using 30 volunteers (18 women and 12 men) aged from 55 to 75 years old. All of them suffered from joint pain in a daily basis for at least six months.

Methodology and evaluation criteria

The effectiveness of Advance 7 was evaluated during medical visits at the start of the test (Day 0) and after 28 days (Day 28) through a visual analogue pain scale and with a questionnaire based on perceived effectiveness for each of the volunteers.

Study PROCLAIM PDC010148/VT2400

Money back guarantee

All natural formula, clinically tested and proven to ease pain. Order today and take advantage of our unbeatable guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, return your tubes, even if they are empty and we will refund you in full. No questions asked, We are confident that you will not be disappointed.

What customers say about Advance 7

“When i used my first Advance 7 course of treatment, th results were excellent as my pain was almost totally gone. I used to play sport professionally and for about ten years I’ve been gettign small pain, mostly in my joints (ankles, hips, arms). Over the years, the pain got worse when I made certain movements. Today, they’ve all gone and i am going to keep using Advance 7. Thanks”
Theresa T. London.
“For many yers I have suffered terribly from rheumatism, so using Advance 7 has made me really happy becuase it eases my pain. Since I’ve been using it, I can move properly again and my life isn’t ruined by pain anymore”
Nicole H. Chichester
“The pain my wife and I had was ruining our retirement and our lives! But since we discovered Advance 7 we’ve got rid of almost all our pain. We’ve been able to get on with our lives with no problems and. best of all, we can sleep properly at night. We always take a tube of Advance 7 everywhere with us. We can’t live without it anymore.”
Alan C. Cambridge